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Building your web sites in WordPress was meant to make it easier for non-technical staff to publish content and manage sites and reduce the need for technical resources – ultimately saving costs. Enterprise WordPress solutions, however, can easily become complex — often integrating with other business systems and applications – and theme, plugin and server software can quickly become outdated, leading to broken sites and security vulnerabilities.

Finding the right partner to manage your sites, add new content, features and functionality, keep themes and plugins up-to-date, perform bug fixes and protect against security breaches is critical. JetHog provides a full range of WordPress support services to ensure your sites are running smoothly and that you can focus on the initiatives that are strategic to your business.



Whether you’re looking to build a custom WordPress theme or customize an existing one, JetHog has the frontend and backend development expertise to create responsive site experiences that engage users and showcase your brand, products and services. JetHog has experience with leading themes, including Avada and Divi.


Whether supporting your existing store or standing up a new one, JetHog provides development and support for ecommerce solutions, with experience using WooCommerce and integrating with leading payment platforms.


JetHog acts as your web site maintenance and publishing team for all your WordPress sites, updating content, adding features and functionality, keeping themes and plugins current, monitoring and managing forms and conversion flows, and performing troubleshooting and resolving bug issues.


WordPress sites are becoming more and more vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. JetHog makes sure plugins are supported and up-to-date, that best practices and monitoring tools are in place to protect against site security breaches, and that sites are backed up in the event of an incident.


We provide custom web application development, database development and API integration services, allowing you to include custom functionality within your WordPress site and integrating with internal and external systems and data.


JetHog provides WordPress hosting services leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) — managing server instances, load balancers, firewalls, SSL certificates, DNS, site mail/SMTP and site monitoring — and can manage your hosting services at GoDaddy and other providers.


JetHog assesses your WordPress environment and site publishing goals, and focuses on your most pressing needs and fixes first. We then develop a plan to bring your environment up-to-date and put a roadmap and processes in place for your content and feature updates.


JetHog delivers on the development and launch of your web projects with precision and speed — high production quality and fast turnaround times. We turn your approved designs and content into digital experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile. We ensure that sites are properly tagged for SEO, social sharing and analytics, and that they are fully tested and ready for launch.


JetHog’s mission is to provide superior service to our clients. We know the consequences when your web provider fails to deliver or doesn’t have your best interests in mind. We want our clients to focus on what makes them successful, and to make the challenging process of building winning digital experiences as painless as possible.

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